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Leave-in conditioner may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but when you think about what you put your hair through and the myriad of ways a simple, one-step, leave-in can help, you’ll realize you’re doing your hair the ultimate favor. Honestly...what isn't a leave-in conditioner good for?” A good leave-in conditioner moisturizes the hair (which prevents future breakage and damage), detangles, provides heat protection, adds shine and smoothes frizz. Who wouldn't want shinier, healthier, more manageable hair? If your hair is already lacking in volume, you're probably wondering if a leave-in conditioner would do more harm than good. While a valid concern, this won't be a problem if you're choosing the right one for your hair type. If you have fine hair, avoid any leave-in conditioners that promise too much moisture or are visibly cloudy or creamy in texture as that can mean they use heavier ingredients that can weigh the hair down. On the flip side, those with curly or textured hair should look for leave-in conditioners that are full of conditioning butters like shea and coconut. No matter which end of the spectrum your texture falls, it's important to remember that with whatever product you're using, a little goes a long away. Don't use too much! We recommends focusing your application on the ends first and working your way upwards with your fingers. If the hair around your hairline needs a little TLC but you don't want to leave it looking greasy, spray the leave-in conditioner on your fingertips first and then strategically place it where it's needed. Here are our best leave-in conditioners for every type of strands and budget.



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