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They say blondes have more fun, and whether or not that's true, there's one big exception: hair care. Blonde hair not only requires more salon visits to keep highlights and dye jobs fresh, but it also demands proper care between treatments. Use the wrong shampoo, and your strands will quickly turn brassy. Take frequent dips in the pool? Those bright blonde streaks may even begin to look green. So what's a blonde to do? Use purple shampoo. Yes, it really is purple. And, yes, purple shampoo really does work. The purple pigment in the shampoo neutralizes yellow, canceling out any unwanted tones. Of course, brunettes (or anyone experiencing brassy hues) can dabble too, though the results may not be as dramatic. Just be sure not to overuse the product, especially if your hair already skews silver: Using a purple shampoo on an already cool-toned blonde or, more specifically, gray hair will turn it blue. But if you do want to remove unwanted warmth from the hair, Bravco Beauty sells the best purple shampoos for the job.

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