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Oily Hair

Nothing puts a damper on a good hair day like grease—literally. In the morning, you feel like the star of a shampoo commercial but by the end of the day, your locks have seriously lost their bounce. The reason? Oily hair can be caused by many things!. Constantly coloring or styling your locks with heat is a big culprit, since dirt and oil tend to get trapped in your damaged hair cuticles. Your hormones may also cause unwanted shine. Producing too many androgens—a sex hormone that has also been linked to acne—can overstimulate your sebaceous glands (the ones that pump out the oil). That oil then deposits into your hair, causing that greasy look. Finally, you simply may not be washing your hair enough and the shampoo you cleanse with can make all the difference. Check out Bravco Beauty's selection.

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